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Learning and Performance Spaces – LAPS

A new ‘sustainable choice’ area incorporating recycled plastic wood decking, seating, outdoor classrooms, performance platforms, food gardens and play areas featuring art installations.

These can also include Butterfly Gardens, Native Stingless Bee Hives, sand and water areas, and Green Space for exploring and imagining, making L.A.P.S. a favourite area for the children.

We can also design Shade Sails and Shelters for your Garden Clubs.

Designed to assist students in gaining knowledge and values of healthy sustainable living, and to encourage performance, drama and debating in a relaxed open space.

It not only serves the purpose for Learning and Performing, but extends Lunch and Recess areas, and assists in broadening activities for Before and After School Care.

Each school is designed according to the specific area requiring transformation, and can incorporate Art Installations using birds and animals unique to your area.

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