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Small boy playing alone with outdoor musical instrument.
Petal Drums
A young girl playing some music outside on a small drum
Babel Drum Small
3 young people playing outside with musical instruments.
Musical stainless steel drum installed outside on a stone surface.
Cajon (Deluxe Edition)
Young person playing music outside in the sun on some drums
Grandmother and child outside in the sun playing with a large drum.
Babel Drum Large
Man wearing a beanie playing music outdoors on a stainless steel drum
Cajon Outdoor Drum
2 boys playing music together outside on a drum like instrument
3 children drumming using outdoor musical instruments.
Rainbow Sambas
A trio of musical instruments outdoors in the sun
Congas (Trio)
3 young adults playing music outside on a trio of drums
Cajon Drum Circle
Young boy playing bongos outside in the sun
Rainbow Bongos
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