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Veggie Crates


  • Recycled, lined crate with Styrofoam void former plus LVPC’s own special recipe to fill it up yourself! It includes organic compost, organic potting mix, worm castings and rock dust.
  • The new timber will grey off in less than four growing seasons or can be coated to help protect the exterior look.
  • Expect 10+ years of service from your Little Veggie Patch Co Crate.

Available in:

  • Full Crates
    These veggie patches are up-cycled from apple growers in Victoria and are made from non-treated, 25mm pine. Measuring 1.22m by 1.22m (0.73m in height), they provide 1.5m2 of growing space, giving plenty of opportunity to grow and harvest your own vegetables and herbs.
  • Half Crates
    Measuring 1.16m by 0.58m (0.73m in height), the half veggie crate is made from non-treated, new pine – built to the same standard as our full-sized product.

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